Meet Jill


Are you making an impact on the world, or are you unintentionally watering down your message so you’re not getting clients and creating income?

Many women unknowingly operate from a place of insecurity and undervaluing themselves.

Here are some symptoms that you may be playing small by watering down your message — or your entire life:



  • You’re dissatisfied with your income
  • You haven’t gained traction
  • You’re bored or frustrated
  • You keep changing your topic
  • You’re reluctant to share what you do
  • You’re hiding behind your computer and not getting clients
  • Your self esteem is lagging
  • You’re in an unsupportive relationship
  • You don’t allow yourself to shine

I’m a best-selling author and former international journalist who used to help some of the world’s largest news organizations get their stories out. (My first story as a Washington, D.C. reporter became front-page news, and shortly after that another of my stories ended up on “Good Morning, America.”)

Now instead of helping big organizations, I help people like you shine with a powerful message that allows you to stand out and command what you’re worth — while experiencing a more vibrant life.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Women tone themselves down to avoid attention for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t serve their highest interest– or the world’s. I help you align with your inner power to easily convey who you are and what you do so the right people can find you.

Benefits include:

  • more success and happiness
  • more confidence
  • more enthusiasm
  • greater impact and visibility
  • a wider reach

Take a look at the amazing writing experience I created for some of my clients in the video below. And if you feel inspired, join my community of enlivened women who are fulfilling themselves and impacting the world in their own unique ways. You’ll receive tips and updates about programs and retreats, The 20 Things You Need to Start Your Book, plus Jill’s quick-and- easy Expressive Writing Journey for FREE so you that can enjoy the creative, healing benefits of fast, focused writing in only 15 minutes, four days in a row!