Let’s cut to the chase!

The Magic Writing Journey is about:

  • letting go of the ordinary and going for the extraordinary
  • reinventing yourself, having exotic experiences
  • accessing your Feminine Essence
  • becoming a force of nature
  • sharing your gifts with the world
  • living your legacy and having an impact

These are our values and we take a stand for them! It’s about being of service to yourself and others by healing your pain, writing your story and speaking your truth if that’s what you choose to do.

I’m a global gypsy. That’s how I’m wired. Sure I like my landing place, but I also like hitting the open road and having magical experiences.

So I assist women like you through speaking and coaching, but the Jewel in the Crown is my Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey which takes women out of their hum-drum environment, opens them to their Feminine Essence, their Goddess Presence, and their Divine Creative Power through writing, travel, dance and spiritual awakening.

Plus, you’ll come away with a detailed outline and first rough draft of your spiritual or entrepreneurial book so that you can get out there and start sharing your message in a bigger way.

I’m here as your guide on this amazing journey.

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